What is LOHAS?

Joanna Ou

LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability.

The LOHAS concept is praised by the younger generation for its solution focus to some of the problems of pollution and environmental harm. Where some environmental perspectives focus mainly on the problems, and leave people feeling panicked by a sense of crisis, LOHAS is about living optimistically in our environment and cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

“Life of Health” is about personal choice: choose food that is unpolluted or organic, recycle, use public transport instead of driving your own car. It is basically anything that is good for the environment and your own health.

However, “Life of Sustainability” relies on the creation of community. Community is built little by little, a spoonful at a time, by people who live in the same area, who share similar ideals, and are prepared to act upon them.

We are here to make a 'space' for 'SPOONFULers' to gather, and stand out as a community of people who share this ideal... “To live a LOHAS lifestyle, love the environment, and most importantly, create community”.